Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

  1. In order to be exempt from the preparation year, students should take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDYS) prepared by the Department in the beginning of the term and score;
    •    80/100 for English Language and Literature, English Teaching programs
    •    60/100 for the other programs that carry out education in a foreign language.
  2. Students who fail the YDYS must enroll in the Foreign Language Preparation Course    
  3. Students who have a higher or lower level than the level that they have been placed into may be able to switch to a higher or lower level with the decision of the Academic Committee of the Department, in line with the suggestion of the instruction and/or their request with a petition.
  4. Students who have not taken YDYS or YDSTS do not have the right to take a make-up exam.
  5. Students who have not taken the obligatory YDSTS are placed into the lowest level preparation class by the Department.
  6. The following students may take the YDYS at the end of the Fall term:
    • Students who have begun the preparation year with a level of Pre-Intermediate or higher,
    • Students who have failed the preparation course in the previous academic year and who submit an application to the Directorate of Student Affairs at least 20 business days before the exam date.
  7. Students who have been successfully exempted from the preparation year are subject to the Istanbul Kültür University Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Education Regulations.
  8. There’s a YDYS for the extra quota and vertical transfer students and only the students in this status are able to take this exam. The students who fail this exam are placed into the preparation course according to their level with the decision of the Academic Committee of the Department.

          For more detailed information on:

  • Preparation year exemption conditions and equivalence exams,
  • Conditions on obligatory Foreign language education,
  • You may access the detailed information about the conditions on foreign language exemption exams for programs that are carried out in Turkish via Regulations System of our university.

İKÜ Regulations System

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