Graduation and Diploma Procedures

Kep ve boş diploma görseliGraduation Conditions

The students who have met all the requirements of the Associate degree or Undergraduate degree programs that they are registered in with a 2.00 GPA or higher, as well as 120 ECTS for the Associate degree and 240 ECTS for the Undergraduate degree are eligible for graduation.

Exmatriculation Procedures for Graduation and Document Submission

  • The students who meet the conditions to graduate may complete their exmatriculation procedures by applying to the Directorate of Student Affairs with their student ID and the photocopy of their national ID.
  • When the graduation process of the student is approved by the relevant Faculty Dean’s office or the Vocational School directorate; the student is given their graduate transcript, high school diploma, military status document, and a one-off temporary graduation certificate which will then be replaced with the actual diploma once it’s ready.
  • Once a student finalizes the exmatriculation process, their diploma or temporary graduation document is delivered to them or someone who has their permission.

Disappearance of Temporary Graduation Certificate and Diploma
Those who have lost their certificates or diplomas will submit a missing advert to a newspaper that is distributed throughout the country. In this announcement, the lost name is stated to be invalid due to the full name, origin, date of graduation and loss. The person who lost his / her certificate shall submit the newspaper (s) in which the missing advertisement is published in a petition to the Registrar's Office.

The Loss of the Temporary Graduation Certificate or the Diploma

  • The Temporary Graduation Certificate should be submitted to the Student Affairs Directorate
  • The students or the person who has their permission must sign the diploma record book at the Directorate of Student Affairs.
  • They are directed to the relevant dean’s office or directorate to collect their diploma in person after receiving the diploma delivery report.

Diploma Damage

Any diploma that has undergone damage for any reason will be renewed without the condition of declaration.

The student has to apply to the Directorate of Student Affairs with a petition in addition to the damaged diploma and the photocopy (the original will also be presented) of their National ID (for Turkish citizens) or their passport (for foreign nationals).


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