Summer Term

Summer school aiming to increase the teaching capacity and efficiency by making use of the faculty and college education opportunities during the summer months,  is an education program that gives students the chance to graduate earlier than their degree necessitates . Having said that, it is not the third semester of an academic year.

Dear Students,

2023-24 SUMMER SCHOOL REGISTRATIONS Registration processes will be conducted online.
For IKU Students Online registration for 2023-24 Summer School will be conducted on
For Students from Other Universities Click here for 2023-24 Summer School online registrations.
Courses Planned to Be Given Click here to get info on the courses planned to be given in the 2023-24 Summer School.
Courses to be Given The courses that are finalized for the 2023-24 Summer School will be announced on 06 July.


IKU Students

For the summer school, the conditions for taking courses and attendance are as follows:

  • In summer school, the student can take the courses that he has never taken in the previous semesters, or that he has taken but hadn’t the right to take the exam, or that he has taken but failed, or the student can simply retake the courses he has already taken in order to increase his GPA.
  • In summer school, the student can take a maximum of 30 ECTS credits, and the student who is subject to the national credit system can take up to 20 national credits.
  • In order for the student to take courses from the next semester in summer school, the student’s  GPA must be at least 2.00.
  • The student is obliged to attend the courses taken in the summer school in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

    For Turkish and English documents explaining the course selection process for IKU students wishing to enrol in summer school: 

Summer Education Payment Transactions Info Document  
Summer School Course Selection Info Document  

IKU students wishing to take courses in other Higher Education Institutions should consider these points;

  • The related course was not made available in IKU Summer School,
  • Taking into account the credit and content of the course, the decision of the relevant department/program chair has been taken by the relevant governing body,
  • To re-register at IKU during the summer school term, 
  • The total credits of the courses taken both in IKU and other higher education institutions can be 30 ECTS at most. Students who are subject to the national credit system can take courses up to 20 national credits in total.

For Non-IKU Students 

For the students not studying at IKU and who wish to enrol in IKU Summer School, click here for the online registration for the 2023-24 Summer School.

Necessary Documents for registration

  • A Current Student Certificate Document 
  • A Permission letter/decision written by their registered university 
  • A Copy of identity card

The Non-IKU students are given a document showing the code, name, weekly course hours (theory/practice/laboratory), ECTS credits and success grade of the course(s) they have taken in summer education at the end of the summer school. 

YThe Summer School of the Department of Foreign Languages

  • University students who fail the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam conducted at the end of the semester in the English preparatory course can continue their preparatory education in the summer education if they so wish.
  • Non-IKU students can also participate in foreign language education and training in the summer school.
  • Only students who have attended the summer school can take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam to be conducted at the end of the summer school.
  • In the foreign language education and training program, the weekly course hours cannot be less than 30 hours.

Summer School Schedule:

Application Dates Undergraduate-Associate Degree: 28 June – 05 July 2024 (until 18.00)
Foreign Language Preparation: 28 June – 05 July 2024 (until 18.00)
Course add-drop Undergraduate – Associate Degree: 08 – 09 July 2024
Foreign Language Preparation: 08 – 09 July 2024
Course add-drop Advisor Approval Deadline  10 July 2024
Summer School Period  Undergraduate – Associate Degree: 08 July 2024 – 23 August 2024
Foreign Language Preparation: 08 July 2023 – 26 August 2024
Final Exams (Including Saturday) Bachelor - Associate Degree 24-29 August 2024
Foreign Language Preparation 27-28 August 2024
Last day to enter the grades into ÖBYS system 02 September 2024
Announcement of grades 03 September 2024
The grade objections 3-4 September 2024
Submission of appeal results to the ÖİDB 5-9 September 2024
Single course exam application start-end 2-6 September 2024
Single course exam  


  • The courses planned to be given in the summer school by all programs and departments of the university will be made available for viewing in ÖBYS (Student Information Management System: ORION Automation) between 10-20 June 2024 (until 18:00).
  • In order for a course to be made available I the Summer School

i.    In order for a course planned to be given in the Summer School to be made available definitively, at least five (5) students must be registered to the course.
ii.    This condition does not apply to students who are in the last two semesters of their associate and undergraduate programs (third and fourth semesters for associate degree, seventh and eighth semesters for undergraduate).
iii.    In all programs and departments of the university, the courses given in the 2023-2024  Summer School are announced by determining the number of students and the Faculty members by 09:00 on 09 July 2024 (Saturday).

  • "Course add-drop" period in the context of courses that are definitely given is between 08 July 2024 (Monday) (System Opening Time 10:00) - 09 July 2023 (Tuesday) (System Closing Time 23:59), and the results are delivered to the Faculty / Vocational School / Department Summer School Coordinators by the Presidency of the Department of Institutional Information Management.
  • In the case of dropping a course, or a course not being available:

i.    For whatever reason, if the student drops the courses given in Summer School before the date of 10 July 2024 (Wednesday) they will be refunded, with one (1) hour fee reduced of the tuition fee for each dropped course.
ii. After 10 July 2024 (Wednesday) , no courses and English Preparatory Class can be dropped and no refunds will be made.
iv. The fees paid for the courses that are not available due to failing to meet the necessary conditions will be refunded. Refunding process is carried out by the Department of Financial Affairs between 1-12 August 2024. Refund requests must be made at
v. For English Preparatory Class: If the student drops out of the Summer School before 10 July 2024 (Wednesday), 20% reduced amount of the English Preparatory Class Summer Tuition fee will be refunded. 

  • After July 08, 2024 (Monday) for the courses to be opened in the summer school : both IKU students and Non-IKU students can register with the approval of the Registrar's Office.
  • Course Sharing : Is when a lecturer giving a lecture in the Summer School conducts the same course with another lecturer. Course sharing and course sharing rates in the courses to be given are notified to the Faculty/Vocational School/Department Summer Education Coordinators until the end of working hours on August 05, 2024 (Monday) .
  • It is essential for the courses whose schedule is announced and to be given to be conducted in the manner, at the notified time and place, by the relevant instructor(s) prescribed to the  Faculty/Vocational School/Department Summer Education Coordinators. It is only possible for a lecturer to teach two overlapping courses if the course is shared with another lecturer. 

Terms of payment;

  • Payment by Bank (Cash Payment); the payment can be made in 2 equal instalments,
  • Payment by Credit Card; the payment can be made in 3 instalments by credit card.

IKU 2023-2024 Term Summer Tuition Fees

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