Summer Term

Summer Term is the education program that is carried out during the summer outside of fall and spring terms, which aims to increase education capacity and efficiency by taking advantage of the education opportunities of the faculties and vocational schools and to help students graduate in a shorter period of time. However, it’s not considered to be a third semester.

Dear Students,

2020-21 SUMMER TERM: 2020-21 Summer Term will be held in the form of distance education

2020-21 SUMMER TERM REGISTRATION: Registrations will be held online
IKU Students: 2020-21 Summer Term online registrations will be held at .
Students from Other Universities: Please click for the 2020-21 Summer Term online registration.
Courses That Are Finalized to Be Opened:  Click for the courses that are finalized to be opened in 2020-21 Summer Term.

The fee for students who will come to the 2020-2021 Summer Term from outside of IKU; It is determined as Undergraduate 780 TL / Associate Degree 385 TL (VAT included) per ECTS.

İKÜ Students

Here are the conditions for taking a course and attendance during the Summer Term:

  • Here are the conditions for taking a course and attendance during the Summer Term:
  • In the summer term, students may be able to take the courses from the previous semesters, that they have never taken, or taken the course but not the exam or have taken the exam but failed, and with the purpose of increasing their GPA.
  • In the summer term, students may take a maximum of 30 ECTS or 20 national credits if they are subject to the national credit system.
  • Students need a GPA higher than 2.00 in order to take a course from the following semesters.
  • Class attendance is obligatory in the summer term, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

For the documents explaining the course selection procedures for the IKU students who wish to enroll in the summer term, both in English and Turkish: 

Summer Term Payment Procedures Supporting Document  
Summer Term Course Selection Supporting Document  

Points to take into consideration for İKÜ students who wish to take courses at other higher education institutions;

  • The course should not be available in the İKÜ Summer Term curriculum.
  • The relevant board needs to have decided with the suggestion of the relevant department/program, taking into consideration the credits and the content of that course.
  • The student needs to have re-registered at İKÜ in the Summer Term. 
  • Both at İKÜ and other higher education institutions, students are only allowed to take a maximum of 30 ECTS credits or 20 national credits if they are subject to the national credit system.

Students coming from universities other than İKÜ

Students who will enroll in the Summer Term from outside of IKU, click here for the online registration of 2020-21 Summer Term.

Documents needed for registration

  • Up-to-date Student Certificate
  • Approval/decision from the university that they are registered in
  • Photocopy of their National ID

The students who are registered in our summer term, but are not enrolled in our university receive a document stating the codes, names, weekly course load (theoretical/practical/laboratory), ECTS credits and the grade of the courses that they have taken.

Summer Term within the Foreign Language Department

  • The students who fail the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, which is carried out at the end of each term in the Preparation Year, may continue their studies in the summer term.
  • The students that are not registered at our university may also enroll in the foreign language education in the summer term.
  • The Foreign Language Proficiency Exam at the end of the summer term may only be taken by the students who continued their studies in the summer term.
  • The minimum weekly course load should be 30 hours in the foreign language program.

Summer Term Calendar:


Summer Term
Summer Term Registration Renewal and Course Registration Start 29 June, 2021, Tuesday
Summer Term Classes Start 5 July, 2021, Monday
Summer Term Registration Renewal and Course Registration Deadline 4 July, 2021, Sunday
Summer Term Add-Drop Start 6 July, 2021, Tuesday
Summer Term Course Add-Drop Last Day 10 July, 2021, Saturday
Summer Term Classes End 21 August, 2021, Saturday
Summer Term Final Exams Start 23 August, 2021, Monday
Summer School Final Exams End 28 August, 2021, Saturday
ORION Summer School Ends 8 September, 2021, Wednesday
Summer Term Single Course Exam Day Ends 17 September, 2021, Friday

The courses that are planned to be opened by all programs and departments of the University in Summer Education will be entered into ÖBYS (Student Information Management System: ORİON Automation) between 14 and 17 June 2021 (until 18:00).

Definete Opening of the Courses

  • In order to open a course that is planned to be opened in summer education, the number of students that must be registered to that course is at least five (5).
  • This requirement does not apply to the students who are in the last two semesters of their associate and undergraduate program periods (third and fourth semesters for associate degree, seventh and eighth semesters for undergraduate).
  • In all programs and departments of the university, the courses opened in 2020-21 Summer Term until July 5, 2021 (Monday) at 09.00 am are determined and announced by determining the number of students and related faculty members.

Within the context of the courses opened precisely, “Add-drop” courses are done between 5 July 2021 (Monday) (System Opening Time 00:01) - 10 July 2021 (Saturday) (System Closing Time 21:00). It is notified to the Faculty / Vocational School / Department Summer Education Coordinators by the Presidency.

Withdrawal or Course Cancellation:

  • If a student withdraws from a course for any reason before July 12th, 2021 (Monday), their tuition is partially refunded. There’s a one hour cut in the refund for each course.
  • As of July 12th, 2021 (Monday):
  • 1.    If a course has been opened, the student may not drop the course. There’s no refund.
  • 2.    Students may not withdraw from the Summer Term for the English Preparation Course. There’s no refund.
  • If a course could not be opened due to a failure in meeting the conditions, the tuition is fully refunded. The refund procedure is carried out by the Directorate of Financial Affairs between August 3 – 9, 2021.
  • For English Preparation Year: If a student withdraws from the Summer Term for any reason before July 12, 2021 (Monday), their English Preparation tuition is refunded with a 20% cut.

As of 05 July 2021 (Monday), the courses to be opened in summer education are certain:

  • Students from inside the university and students from outside the university can register with the approval of the Student Affairs Office.

Course Sharing: It involves an instructor co-teaching a course with another instructor in the Summer Term. The course sharing information and ratio are submitted to the Summer Term Coordinators of the Faculty/Vocational 

School/Department until the end of working hours on Friday August 13th, 2021 (Friday).

It is essential that the courses whose program is announced and opened for certain are given to the Faculty/Vocational School/Department Summer Education Coordinators in the prescribed manner, at the notified time and place, by the relevant instructor(s). An instructor is only able to teach a conflicting course if they are sharing the course with someone else.

Payment Conditions:

  • Payment via Bank (in Cash); may be paid in three equal installments,
  • Payment by Credit Card; may be paid in three equal installments.

İKÜ 2020-2021 Summer Term Fees