Double Major Program

The Istanbul Kültür University students who had a successful education period may be able to simultaneously enroll in another department, as long as they meet the conditions. The students who successfully complete the Double Major Program are eligible for two undergraduate diplomas.

In accordance with the decree of the Istanbul Kültür University Senate in April 2013, students are able to enroll in Double Major Programs between all undergraduate programs in Istanbul Kültür University. Common curriculums have been prepared between all programs as a result of this exemplary initiative endorsed by the Council of Higher Education.

For instance, if the students are enrolled in the Business Administration department but are planning to work in the human resources field and therefore need to support their education with Psychology, they are able to graduate from both the Business Administration and Psychology programs with the Double Major Program.

The graduates of the program receive two different diplomas.

There are some success criteria for being eligible to apply to and graduate from the program.

Please click... to view the “T.C. Istanbul Kültür University Double Major and Minor Programs Application, Acceptance and Registration Conditions and Principles(Effect: Senate decision dated 21.12.2017)” which will go into effect starting from the 2017/18 Spring Term.

These principles were prepared in line with the “T.C. Istanbul Kültür University Regulations on the Conditions of Double Major and Minor Programs (Effect: Senate decision dated 20.08.2015).”

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