Registration Procedures

Kayıt Yenileme

In order to begin the course registration process, you may login with your user name and password on ÖBYS via under the sections “Re-registration” and Course Registration.

You may request a new password through in case you forget your username or password.

Your new password will be sent via SMS to your registered phone number on the ÖBYS system. 
If your phone number is not registered on the system, you can update this information via link by clicking on My Information> Address Information button and edit the mobile phone information.

Half an hour after you change your phone number information, you may request a new password on self

In case you encounter a problem during this process, you may be able to ask for support at the BST offices on campus between 08:30 – 18:00 or by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address


Students who fulfill their financial obligations in installments or in advance in the early registration periods specified in the table below will be given a discount on the 2020-2021 fees at the rates specified in the table below. A maximum of 12 (twelve) installments will be made for students who will fulfill their financial obligations in installments.

12.02.2020 - 29.02.2020 PERIOD 5,00% 11,00%
01.03.2020 - 31.03.2020 PERIOD 4,00% 9,00%
01.04.2020 - 30.04.2020 PERIOD 3,00% 8,00%
01.05.2020 - 01.06.2020 PERIOD 2,00% 7,00%

For academic year fees for 2020-2021, please click here...


Registration Renewal Procedures for the 2020-2021 Term must be made between the dates on the academic calendar of our University. After this date, only in case of excuse and with the decision of the Faculty Board of Directors, late registration can be made. In this case, a 2% delay difference is applied on the late payment.Late registration can be made until the "Late Registration Date" announced by the University administration. Until this date, those who do not pay their contribution to education will not be registered and renewed so that educational activities can be carried out without interruption. In case the students in this situation do not renew their registration in the following spring semester, the procedure will be carried out according to the “Associate and Undergraduate Education and Training Regulation” of our University.


3.1. Students who pay all 2020-2021 Contribution Shares in advance until the last day of the registration renewal date in the academic calendar of our university will receive a 5% cash discount.
3.2. Students who want to pay their 2020-2021 Education Period contribution payments in installments are required to pay 1/9 of their annual education contribution amount up to the last day of the registration renewal date in the academic calendar of our university, and make a commitment in 8 equal installments for their balance.
3.3. If the student installments that the bank cannot define an account due to lack of credit adequacy are not paid to our university on the promised dates, 2% monthly interest difference will be applied.
3.4. Our students who did not open an account at the bank for any reason in the previous education period and who want to make their contribution payments in installments in the 2020-2021 Education Period, before coming to renew registration; together with the person responsible for payments, apply to İşbank Kültür University Branch with the documents specified by the bank and complete the account opening procedures. Bank application procedures must be made at least 3 days before registration.
3.5. Students who have an account at İşbank Kültür University Branch but cannot define additional accounts on the grounds that the bank does not have credit adequacy and therefore have to open a new account at the bank. These students must apply to the bank at least 3 days in advance, along with the document requested by the bank, to open a new account at İşbank Kultur University Branch, with the person responsible for payments, before coming to renew registration. These students have to renew their registration after the account opening process is completed and within the registration renewal period.
3.6. In registration renewals, those who owe unpaid education to the previous period should close their old debts only, even if they are in legal follow-up. New registration procedures can be made if they pay their contributions.


You must first create your payment plan over the SAP Orion Program and then pay in cash or in installments.

4.1. Payment by Credit Card via SAP-Orion Program; You can make your payment with the following credit cards after creating your payment in cash or in installments according to the explanations in Articles 1 and 3 on the Orion program.
4.1.1. a) Credit Card Prepayment (Single Shot): You can pay the payment you created in the Orion program with all credit cards. (The available limit of the credit card should be at the amount to cover the entire annual education fee.)
4.1.2. b) Payment by Installment by Credit Card: You can pay your entire payment on Orion program in 12 (Twelve) installments or 1/12 amount with the following credit cards. (Available credit card if paid in full payment limits must be of the amount to cover the entire annual tuition fees.) İş Bankası Maksimum, TEB, Garanti, Deniz, Şeker, ING, Türkiye Finans banks, Bonus, Yapı Kredi World, Vakıf Bank World, Akbank Axess or Wings, Halkbank Paraf and Ziraat Bank Bankkart. Installment to credit cards other than credit cards of these banks cannot be made.
4.2. Cash Payment via SAP-Orion Program; In any branch of İşbank, your payment you have created in cash or in installments over the Orion Program; You can do this by saying the payment information below to the branch officer. Payment Information: İşbank 3D payment screen-İstanbul Kültür University Institution Code: 58, -Student Number, -Payment Type: EGTPESIN (For school payment) -Semester: 2020 / Related Month (Month of payment)
4.3. Payment via ATM and Internet Branch: You can make your payment in cash or in installments over the Orion Program through the Internet Bank of İş Bank or ATM points of the same bank.


Kayıt Dondurma
  • In order to freeze registration, students need to have completed the registration procedures for the semester and paid their tuition.
  • The students apply to the Directorate of Student Affairs for registration freeze or unfreeze.
  • The registration freeze procedures are carried out within the period announced on the academic calendar. If the student is registered in any course for the semester, their registration will be cancelled.
  • The students may freeze registration for two semesters in a row and four semesters in total.
  • The students who have frozen their registration obtain a leave of absence. 
  • In case of a registration freeze, the paid tuition is not refunded. It’s appropriated as the tuition for the academic year of registration.
  • In case of military service, imprisonment or conviction; the student may use all their registration freeze rights at once. This period is not included in the education period. However, the student may not take exams while their registration is frozen. If they do so, their grade will not be valid.
  • The students may freeze registration provided that they have one of the following valid excuses:The students may freeze registration provided that they have one of the following valid excuses:
    1. The student has a health problem documented by a health report obtained from a health institution
    2. The student has to take a break from their studies as a result of a natural disaster, provided that it has been proved by a document obtained from the highest civil authority of the locality, 
    3. The student has lost the right the postpone his military service and has to be enlisted,
    4. The student has declared that they will go abroad to learn a foreign language,
    5. The student is imprisoned or convicted, except for the ones who have been temporarily suspended or expelled from the higher education institution,
    6. The student has economic problems, family issues or a similar excuse which is considered valid by the relevant board.
  •  The students who have frozen registration will continue their studies at the end of the period by re-registering. If a student who has frozen their registration due to a health-related problem wants to unfreeze registration before the end of the period, they need to prove their recovery with a health report.
  •  Students who have frozen their registration for two semesters may be able to re-register at the end of the first semester, if they wish to continue their studies.
  • When registration is frozen, students are not allowed to retrieve the documents that they have submitted to the University upon first registration.
Kayıt Sildirme
  • For the students who are exmatriculated, disenrolled, expelled or have graduated to retrieve their diplomas and documents in their file, they need to have paid their tuition and other fees and completed the exmatriculation procedures with the approval of the relevant units of the university.
  • The students who wish to disenroll must apply with a petition to the Directorate of Student Affairs in order to exmatriculate, either in person or through someone else who has their permission.
  • On condition that the students have completed the exmatriculation procedures, they will be disenrolled and exmatriculated by the Directorate of Student Affairs starting from their application date.
  • The tuition of the semester of the registration of these students are not refunded.
  • After completing the disenrollment and exmatriculation procedures, they may receive diplomas and other documents that they have given during registration by submitting a document stating their educational status, either in person or through someone else who has their permission.
  • The students who are exmatriculated lose all of their rights as a student.